bldg.collective was founded in 2009 with the purpose of approaching the practice of architecture in a unique way.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, our team embraces every opportunity to collaborate, explore, and provide design solutions that transcend the trappings of style and trends.

As a full-service residential and commercial architecture and design firm, we work closely with our clients to achieve a deep and thorough understanding of their intentions.

Always transparent in our processes, we work towards achieving our clients’ goals while keeping their aesthetic, programmatic, sustainable, and budget aspirations front of mind.


Our favorite projects are those that encompass a unique and challenging objective.

We seek opportunities to work with clients seeking bold designs. Because we listen carefully to our clients’ goals, we are able to provide a truly imaginative design that speaks to their life and their style.

Our goal is to be the architects our clients can relate to on a personal and professional level, thus avoiding the standard client/creator relationship while advocating for mutual understanding.
We listen to your ideas, understand your personality, hone in on your motivations, and translate your experiences into a physical structure that allows you to inhabit your world in your unique way.

Our Philosophy